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Milk Monica is cow milking app for city slickers

We’re not sure that an app that is essentially a cow’s bum and a fly buzzing around is going to win any awards, but Milk Monica sure is frustrating enough to become addictive. 

The idea is to fill a pail of milk in under ten seconds in order to make it onto the app’s global leaderboard. By, er, stroking the cow’s in-your-face udders, you milk poor Monica as quickly as you can – at first we thought the alternating-thumbs approach would garner the best result but actually we did better simply bracing our middle finger and gritting our teeth.

If your score is good enough, you can submit it but with the champion currently at 8 seconds you’ll have to have some pretty speedy fingers to make it into the top ten.

We didn’t manage to complete the task in anything under 18 seconds but come back tomorrow and we guarantee we’ll have shaved at least 6 seconds off that. We won’t have got any work done but hey, that’s the price you pay.


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