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MingleBird iPhone app wants to gamify your professional networking

Professional networking is easy for some, and an awkward struggle for others. Plunging into a room of unknown people whose only connection is their work can be an intimidating thing indeed.

MingleBird is a new app that could help. It’s described as ‘a mobile socialising app that makes a game out of introductions’.

How? Well, whoever’s arranging a particular conference or event has to create an organiser account on the MingleBird website, before generating a game for that event, with its own code.

Attendees become players by downloading MingleBird’s app, registering their profile and entering the code. Once there, they earn points by meeting other players, snapping photos of them, and swapping contact details. At the end, someone wins – it’s up to the organiser to decide a prize – but everyone gets to keep the contact details of the people they met.

It sounds a lot more fun than roaming a crowded conference room waving business cards at people willy-nilly, anyway.


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