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Mini Nokia Lumia 1520 rocks insane 512ppi screen

It’s tinfoil hat time again, kiddies, as a Chinese website reveals a 4.3-inch Nokia Lumia 1520V mobile with a ridiculously dense display

A new compact version of the Lumia 1520, dubbed the Lumia 1520V, is alleged to be in the works with a massively high-def 4.3-inch screen and a decent set of specs. If true, the Lumia 1520V could follow in the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact’s footsteps, giving us a more manageable but still highly-specced version of a hand-filling phone.

Nokia Lumia 1520V mini leaks?

We’re a little sceptical about the dinky screen’s alleged 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution, however. That would make for a 512 pixels-per-inch (ppi) display, far denser than any rival out there, and not entirely necessary on a compact phone. After all, if you’re that keen on getting the most from your HD content, you’d likely opt for a more spacious screen.

Still, it’s an intriguing rumour, and the rest of the Lumia 1520V sounds just as sweet. Expect a powerful Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor backed up by 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage space for your apps and other bits. A 3,000mAh battery should keep the phone going for a solid day or two also, quite a feat given the mini frame.

The only casualty of miniaturisation seems to be the camera, reduced from a 20-megapixel effort to a 14-megapixel snapper. Still, considering Nokia’s excellent camera technology, we’re sure it’ll still capture amazing photos.

All of these specs and the above photo come courtesy of Chinese website WPBar, and were contributed by an anonymous source according to the article. So, while we’re sure there’s at least a modicum of truth in there, don’t be too surprised if some of the specs turn out to be exaggerated. We’re hoping it’s all gospel, of course, as the Lumia 1520V could be a very impressive little handset indeed.


Source: WPBar



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