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MiniMo: Make a movie on your mobile to win screening at Cannes

East Anglia is a million miles away from Los Angeles, Hull a million miles from Hollywood and UK residents may feel more likely to end up on a walk of shame than the Walk of Fame.

But if you’re really into filmmaking, where there’s a will there’s a way. Consider the illustrious Kevin Smith – he made his first movie, Clerks, by maxing out credit cards and now he’s an international superstar with hits like Mallrats, Dogma and, er, Jersey Girl under his belt.

At least you have a passable filmmaking tool at your disposal: amazing things can be done with the humble mobile phone video camera, after all. Of course, you’ll have to come up with an idea that people will actually like – if Kevin Smith had made Jersey Girl first, it might have been a whole other story.

Luckily, Nokia is here to help sort the wheat from the chaff. MiniMo is a mobile phone filmmaking competition run by Nokia in conjunction with MoFilm, a global organisation which promotes mobile content and creativity. The MiniMo competition is aimed at students but we’ve been assured that it’s open to UK non-students too.

So if you’re filmicly inclined, get your mobile out and get shooting. With a number of ideas ready to inspire you (e.g. remaking an iconic film scene or a scene that never happened) and a fabulous filmmaker’s bible full of helpful hints and, um, praise for the Nokia X6 (a handset we weren’t overly enamoured with, to be honest). You don’t have to use a Nokia handset though, which is great news for owners of the HD-shooting Sony Ericsson Vivaz and Samsung i8910 Omnia.

The deadline for uploading your entry is June 9th, so you still have a good couple of weeks to get it shot. Once the videos are online, users can vote for their favourite entries. The three top films will win prizes from a trip to Cannes Advertising Festival to a £1300 filmmaking kit and a subscription to Empire magazine. There’s also a critic’s choice award, so if your film ends up more Blue Velvet than Avatar you’ll still be in with a shot at that Cannes trip.

If you’re more for the watching than the making of films, keep an eye on the entries here and vote for your favourites. Otherwise, here’s the brief; get cracking, maestro!

[UPDATE: Nokia is running a number of masterclasses for budding young film makers – the London leg is in town on Thursday afternoon at BAFTA HQ on Piccadilly. So if you fancy getting a headstart on your entry, then head over to Facebook or the EventBrite page to register]


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