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MiniSquadron divebombs onto iPhone, Android and Palm

MiniSquadron is another one of those games that feels perfectly designed for mobile phones. This is a fast-paced side-on shoot ‘em up where you control a miniature propellor plane and take out enemy planes, UFOs and seagulls.

You control the direction of your plane with your left thumb and shoot with your right. Controls are super-smooth and incredibly easy to pick up. You’ll be doing barrel rolls and looping-the-loop in no time, all to a cheesy classical music soundtrack.

MiniSquadron’s graphics are simple and cartoony with backgrounds and aircraft rendered in pleasant pastel colours. Power ups such as Rapid Fire, Speed Up and the incredibly powerful Big Laser drop from the skies to make things interesting. Some of the power ups, especially the Airstrike, have a definite Worms feel about them. Shame there’s no Holy Hand Grenade.

Play modes range from Classic and Survival where you fight off waves of computer controlled nasties and a rather nifty Wi-Fi multiplayer mode. We found that this only works on a single platform basis, i.e. iPhone-to-iPhone, which dashed our dreams of an Android vs iPhone dogfight to the death.

However if you’ve got an OpenFeint profile you can log in here, so if you can’t directly challenge your friends you can at least trash their high scores.

MiniSquadron is available now for iPhone, Android devices and the Palm Pre, and is slated to arrive on Windows Phone 7 phones at some point too.



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