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Mio GPS car kit for the iPhone

Satnav maker Mio has just released its GPS Car Kit for the iPhone, an in-car phone cradle which comes with its own GPS receiver built in.

Big deal you might think, given that all iPhones from the iPhone 3G onwards come with GPS anyway. Mio says that its external GPS provides a more reliable sat nav experience than on the iPhone. Plus, this means you can also use it with an iPod Touch (second generation or higher), which don’t come with a GPS receiver.

The Mio GPS Car Kit also featuers a speaker which provides cleaer directions and hands-free phone conversations while driving, as well as charging your iPhone or iPod Touch as you go.

There’s no software or app as such but Mio’s website says that the iPhone GPS Car Kit will work with TomTom, Motion X, Navigon, Sygic Mobile Maps, Sygic AURA, iGo and NDrive.

The Mio GPS Car Kit for iPhone is available this month, for £100 from Argos.


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