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Mirror’s Edge powerslides its way onto iPhone 4

It took a while, but EA’s Mirror’s Edge has finally made it to iPhone, following its debut on iPad earlier this year. Specifically, the game is available for iPhone 4 only, since it’s been developed for that device’s high-res display and A4 processor.

(This presumably means it’ll work on the new iPod touch when that ships next week, though).

If you’re new to the game, you play Faith Connors, who’s a ‘Runner’. Not in the neon-leggings David-Guetta-on-the-iPod jogger sense, but in the glamorous roof-jumping parkour sense. Your job: keep running. Well, and jumping, sliding, and drop-kicking.

On iPad, the game is sumptuous. It’s a little more cramped on iPhone, but still works marvellously, with every action controlled by a swipe on the screen. The price – £2.99 at launch – is also welcome, since we’d expected it to be a bit more.


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