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MiTime moves your alarms around so you never miss an appointment again

MiTime iconBorn from its own creator’s scheduling woes, MiTime To Fly is essentially a smart alarm app that uses travel information to ensure you’re never late for an appointment.

We’ve all been there; you know it takes 45 minutes to get to your parents’ by train, but you get to your nearest station and its running a bus replacement service. Crud. Perhaps you’re up at 7:00 for a 9:30 flight, but whilst you were sleeping an accident has furred up the M25. These unforeseen delays can crop up all the time and knowing how much time to allow before leaving is a fine art; too early and you’re sitting wasting time at an empty airport terminal wishing you were still in bed, too late and, well you’re late.

MiTime uses real-time travel information from sources like TFL, Google, The Highways Agency and National Rail to keep tabs on travel routes along your next journey, if it picks up any changes in travel time due to unforeseen issues, it’ll adjust the alarm on your phone accordingly and give you an alternate transport root. The concept is essentially a ‘set and forget’ alarm system that will always get you up or alert you in plenty of time for your next appointment.


The interface is wonderfully simple and scheduling an event can be done across just a few screens. Initial setup lets you define a home location, which then serves as the default start point if you don’t set an alternative manually.

From then on it’s just a case of dialling a few parameters starting with the time you need to arrive at your destination, whether you’re headed to an airport, which modes of transportation you’re happy to use including cars, trains, the Underground or DLR (if you’re in London), buses and overground routes, then set a destination and that’s it.


MiTime then spits out the best route, with a breakdown of any changes and the duration of each portion of your trip, Google Now-style with its suggested alarm time and a go button to add it to your alarms. Chances are, if you have forgetful tendancies, love leaving things to the last minute or are simply a frequent traveller, MiTime will serve as the perfect tool to keep you on the move and on schedule.

It’s currently available for free on the App Store, with Android and Windows Phone scheduled to arrive sometime in the next month. Now we must go, we’re late, we’re late, for a very important date.


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