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Mixtab is the latest whizzy iPad news aggregation app

iPad is already a great device for news junkies. On the one hand you’ve got newspapers, magazines and websites falling over themselves to create impressive tablet apps.

And on the other, you’ve got innovative news-reading aggregation apps, which pull all your different news sources into one place.

Mixtab falls into the latter category – an increasingly crowded place, thanks to Flipboard, FLUD, Pulse, Apollo, Reeder… the list goes on.

Here, the app is based around ‘tabs’ – collections of themed RSS feeds, with examples being Cooking, Golf, Tech News, Tea and Movies. Each pulls in stories from related websites and presents them in a grid. You add and remove tabs using a Tab Gallery.

However, Mixtab gets interesting when you start to create your own tabs, although this has to be done on Mixtab’s website, rather than within the app itself – something that will surely be changed in a future update.

I just spent five minutes creating a UK football tab, with RSS feeds from the BBC, Sky Sports, The Sun, The Mirror and a few blogs, for example. Next time you fire up the iPad app, your new tab will be there on the homescreen ready for you.

As with many of these apps, Mixtab is only as good as the RSS feeds you use – those that only provide a headline and summary require you to tap ‘View original’ to see the full story, for example. There aren’t any social features at the moment either – again, something that could be added in a future update. Plenty of potential, in other words.


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