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MixZing is the ultimate music player for Android phones

As solid as the default Android music player is, it’s pretty basic. It’s lacking things like equalizer and album art finder tools, and there’s no way for you to skip tracks once the screen is locked. Fortunately, MixZing for Android fixes all this and more.

We’ve been after a music player with a decent equalizer for ages and so we’re happy to report that MixZing doesn’t disappoint in this department. There are a number of presets (flat, bass boost, treble boost etc) and the ability to make your own custom ones. Level settings can be easily applied to a specific song, the album it’s from or your entire MP3 collection.

Unfortunately you can only adjust the levels of songs if they’re MP3s for now; MixZing will still play songs in other formats like M4A’s, you just won’t be able to change their levels with the equalizer.

The app also makes house-keeping of your music collection nice and easy. You can set it to download any missing artwork and also allows you to change the names of songs and other information if your iTunes or Windows Media Player has filled in the wrong details. Again, this tag editing system only works on MP3 files at the moment. syncing (via the Scrobble Droid app) is possible should you want to scrobble what you’re playing on your Android phone to your account.

The lock screen widget is another feature of MixZing we love. This is a simple widget which allows you to pause and skip forward and back through tracks when the screen is locked. The convenience of this can’t be understated – it really makes your Android phone feel like a proper standalone music player.

Certain features, like the lock screen widget and tag editor, are only available in the full paid version which costs $6.99 (about £4.45). The free app gives you access to these features for a three day trial, but after that you’ll need to upgrade to take advantage. But if you’re loathe to part with the cash, we’d say that the free version is still worth downloading on the strength of the equalizer alone.


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