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Mnuze for Android replaces all those takeaway menus – coming soon to iPhone and BlackBerry

Pretty much every home, flat, student bedsit, we’ve ever lived in, stayed at or visited has a well-stocked cache of takeaway menus somewhere.

More often than not these festoon valuable kitchen worktop/coffee table space, become dog eared and yellowed with time and curry sauce stains, and end up getting chucked out.

Thankfully there’s a plethora of smartphone apps available which help you do away with these piles and piles of greasy menus. Things like Yell, the BT Phone Book, Aloqa or even good old Google Places are all great and pointing you to your nearest Indian, Chinese or Kyrgyzstani takeaway. But none of them allow you to have a look at each restaurant’s menu before you place your order.

Enter Mnuze (pronounced ‘menus’).

This genius takeaway finder app allows you to search for a place, flick through the menu and put an order together. It totals up the price of everything and tells you if the restaurant accepts cards or is cash-only on deliveries.

You can select search options from a drop down (Italian, Thai, etc) or enter in your own search options (like if you want to find the nearest Papa John’s or Dominos).

Not every big-name chain is listed yet; when we tapped in Pizza Hut and Subway, Mnuze drew blanks. Coverage also appears to be limited to big cities in the UK, but we expect this to improve in time. If your favourite chain or city isn’t listed, there’s a handy voting tool you can use within the app to tell the devs to get on the case.

Currently, Mnuze is only listing takeaway outlets in the UK and South Africa and the app is only available on Android phones at the minute, but iPhone and BlackBerry editions are apparently in the pipeline.

Mnuze is free to download and works on Android 1.5+ and above; so it should work on every Android device out there.


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