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Mobile art: Human Phantom Vibration Syndrome, created by Chris Baker

This is art we understand. The HPVS (Human Phantom Vibration Syndrome) is a kinetic sculpture that “considers the subtle, often-subconscious ways that mobile communication technologies shape our senses.” In other words, HPVS plays with the fact that we’re all hyper-attentive to mobile phones, often experiencing phantom ringing sensations even in the absence of incoming calls or messages.


HPVS was produced by Christopher Baker in collaboration with Kitchen Budapest. The HPVS phones are controlled by Arduinos (an open-source electronics prototyping platform) and custom hardware. You can find more information about the HPVS sculpture on Baker’s site. Below is a video of the HPVS being put together. You might have spotted that all the phones are LGs.



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