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Mobile deals round-up: Including HTC Wildfire on Virgin Media

Roll up! Roll up! Git’chyer ‘ahhndsets here, two fer a pahhhnd! Well, perhaps not quite that good value; but after the flurry of handset announced in the past few weeks, you might be wondering where you can get what. Worry no more, my friends! We’ve got the latest releases right here for you to ponder over.

Virgin Media

It’s fair to say that HTC is having a pretty good year and having seen its latest device, the HTC Wildfire, last week we reckon HTC is on to another winner. As a mini Desire, it could be the best option for anyone who wants smartphone functionality with a dumbphone price tag. Virgin Media is the first operator to announce that it’ll be offering the Wildfire in Q3, but there’s no word yet on prices.


For those after a bit of HTC action but who aren’t too keen on our little green Android friend, perhaps invest in the HTC Smart – a solid 3* handset which you can get from O2 right now if you’re so inclined, free from £15/month.


Perhaps you’re after a handset with a proper keypad instead of a pesky touchscreen. In that case, cast your eye over the BlackBerry Pearl 3G; rather aptly, it’ll be available on 3 soon, although we’re still in the dark about exactly when or what kinds of contracts the Pearl 3G will be available on. UPDATE: 3 has announced that it will also be stocking the HTC Wildfire – it hasn’t gone so far as to share dates or prices with us, but with T-Mobile promising the handset from mid-June, we can’t imagine the other networks will be far behind.


Meanwhile, Vodafone has been quietly lining up a killer range of smartphones with favourites like the HTC Desire and Nokia N900 already available, the Samsung Wave, with its impressive AMOLED screen and the first handset to use the proprietary bada platform, Samsung Galaxy S and the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini are all en route to the Voda fold too.


Not to be left out, Orange will also have the Samsung Wave on its books. You’ll be able to nab it for free on selected pay monthly plans, although availability dates are yet to make an appearance.


It’s looking a little sparse in the T-Mobile smartphone corner, with the only true upcoming smartphone on the books the BlackBerry Bold 9700 White. However, Nokia’s latest candybar, the Nokia C5, is due out soon – complete with Ovi Maps integration with free navigation tools. If you’re after a touchscreen, then you can also nab the Samsung Monte from T-Mo. All three are due this month, although we can’t yet tell you how much they’ll set you back. UPDATE: T-Mobile, we take it all back! Spareness be damned, the HTC Wildfire is here to save the day. T-Mobile will be offering the low-budget smartphone from June 14th instore and online. It will be available from £20 per month on a 24-month contract, which isn’t quite as cheap as we were hoping.


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