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Mobile internet traffic in Japan jumps following earthquake and tsunami

There was a spike in traffic from mobile internet users following the earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 11. The next two days showed a continued increase on the mobile networks, relative to internet traffic from computers.

Many in the affected area in Japan were unable to confirm their safety or seek information on the disaster through land-lines and computer internet connections, but were still able to log-in through social networking sites, and their phone’s mobile internet.

comScore notes that Japan still has the highest rate of mobile media consumption, with 75% of mobile phone customers using their phone to consume media. (Many Japanese-made phones contain a mobile TV-tuner, know as One-Seg that can receive several channels.)

Registering the changes in use, ComScore said that the pattern deviated even from baseline weekend usage patterns. Notice how mobile internet access follows computer internet use very closely following the disaster.

You can donate to assist those affected by the tsunami and earthquake through the Japan Society’s Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund, which promises to use the money alongside other major relief organisations to assist grass-roots groups in Japan to recover and repair damage to local communities in the long-term.

Source: comScore


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