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Mobiroo introduces Android and BlackBerry app-gift card

One advantage the Apple App Store offers over the Android Market and BlackBerry App World are gift cards. Starting at £15, iTunes Gift Vouchers are available at Amazon, the Apple Store and even in supermarkets like Tesco. They can be used for music, apps and movies without having to use a credit card.

Mobiroo has a solution for Android and BlackBerry users, in the form of the Mobiroo gift card, which you can buy from selected UK retailers and can be used to buy apps.

However, you don’t actually buy apps from the Andoid Market or BlackBerry app world, instead it’s a selection from Mobiroo. Once you have bought a card, go to, enter your pin and you can search and download apps to your phone.

We’ve had a look at it seems simple enough to use, each app clearly states if it’s available for Android or Blackberry.

Choice does seem a little restrictive at the moment, with approximately 150 Android apps and 200 BlackBerrry apps, although we did find favourites like Swiftkey X and a range EA titles like Monopoly Classic for Android and Medal of Honor for Blackberry. Of course, we expect more developers to come on board soon and we really applaud Mobiroo for offering a non-credit card solution.

Cards are available in denominations of £10 and £25 from Asda, Carphone Warehouse, Game and Game Stop. As an added incentive with every £25 card you get £35 of apps.

Source: Morbiroo


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