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MoDaCo releases Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume bug fix

Hats off to Paul O’Brien at MoDaCo; the enterprising modfather (not Weller – wrong Paul) has just announced a fix for the volume bug that’s been plaguing Samsung Galaxy Nexus owners.

Note that this isn’t the official patch from Google; this is a manual install process that requires you to put your Galaxy Nexus into bootloader mode (turn the phone on with both volume keys pressed down) and is best attempted if you’ve got experience with rooting and flashing ROMs.

Paul also states on his post that “This is still in a testing phase internally. Although it works great for us, well, you never know,” so, install this at your own risk. If you’re not totally OK about doing this, we’d recommend that you wait for the OTA patch from Google.

For more information on the bug fix and how to go about installing it, hit up the source link below to get cracking.

Source: MoDaCo via Twitter