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Monster Buster: The new Pokemon Go for 2017

Want an alternative to Pokemon Go? New AR mobile title Monster Buster: World Invasion might be your new addiction, out this week for iPhone via the App Store and soon to hit Android’s Google Play apps store. Here’s how to download and play the game, as well as a run-down of what it’s all about.

As massive as Pokemon Go was in 2016, that lustre has definitely dulled somewhat as the game approaches its first birthday. Despite a slew of updates and special events, interest has dipped – most likely because most gamers have already collected the full Pokedex.

If you’re hankering for a similar AR game to fill that hole, your salvation might be Monster Buster: World Invasion. Like Pokemon Go, this mobile title sees players taking to the streets to catch a variety of creatures. Once you’ve built up your collection, you can then force these innocent beasties to fight other monsters, for your own pleasure.

You’ll have to roam far and wide to discover and capture all of Monster Buster’s diverse menagerie. The location-based tracking uses your phone’s GPS to work out where you are and alerts you to any nearby creatures that you can snatch up. You’ll be presented with a view of the monster in the real world using your mobile’s camera tech, at which point a battle begins.

To snaffle a wild monster you’ll need to set your imprisoned creatures against it, to wear it down. Your fighters each have special bonus moves, which you’ll have to employ wisely in order to win each battle. With every victory, your creatures grow stronger too, boosting their attack, defence and luck skills.

At the time of launch, Monster Buster: World Invasion features 40 different creatures. You can expect this to increase with future updates, of course.

You won’t just be tracking down monsters in the real world environment, either. You can also discover treasure chests brimming with bonus goodies, as well as virtual ingredients to create booster cookies and drinks for your beasts. Ah well, at least you’re keeping your prisoners well fed and watered.

Feeling a bit lazy? Well, you can always just slump into your sofa at home and choose a Quick Fight match instead. This gives you an instant battle to get stuck into, which gains you experience points and other loot, although you won’t have the chance to capture any new monsters. For that, you’ll have to get off your rump and go explore.

Monster Buster: World Invasion is available to download for iPhone from the App Store this week. An Android version of the game will follow in June 2017.

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