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Moon Globe HD offers an iPad tour of the Moon

Played with Google Earth on your iPad? Wishing it was a bit less cluttered with humanity? A bit more unspoilt? A teensy bit more… dusty? You’ll be wanting Moon Globe HD then.

It’s a 59p app developed by Michael Howard (sadly not that one), which offers a fully spinnable zoomable 3D Moon to explore. You can even take a squizz at the Earth as it would look from the Moon’s surface, while tweaking the time to see sunlight move over the lunar landscape. And it’s proper 3D too, if you have the necessary red-cyan glasses.

Need a helping hand finding your way around? There’s a tag cloud hovering over the surface, which you can tap on to find out about specific bits of terrain or spacecraft. It’s good fun, although I wonder how long it’ll be before the actual Google Moon comes to iPad, following in Google Earth’s (giant) footsteps.


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