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More details on Disney’s 3D Android Phone. Still Japan only!

Revealed a few weeks back, Softbank, the Japanese phone network, has given us some more details on the forthcoming Disney Phone, replete with a no-glasses 3.8-inch 3D screen.

Similar to previous Sharp phones with 3D features, the phone also has a 9.6-megapixel camera, One-seg TV-tuner, and NFC technology. Sadly still not even a whisper of a release outside of Japan, but the Android-powered phone will offer Japanese customers their own email address, Disney-themed wallpapers and exclusive widgets, including a Disney-fied calendar, clock, photo-editor and messenging emoticons.

Disney phones will also have their own Disney Market portal, with more cartoon goodies said to be available there.

It even has its own video preview, with a “Touch the Magic” theme tune. Sounds like it could well be an earworm…


Via: MobileCrunch


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