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More Motorola Droid 3/Milestone 3 leaked pictures, shows off 5-row Qwerty

More pics of the Motorola Droid 3/Milestone 3 have appeared, showing off the Qwerty keypad we were offered a tantalising glimpse of earlier.

It’s a big old 5-row ad, and the keys look chunky enough to type on easily. We like that there’s a search button integrated. Best of all, there’s no smiley key; always a plus in this writer’s books. It looks pretty darn slim as well from the side too.

If this bad boy could come with the same qHD resolution screen, double antennas and webtop capabilities of the Atrix, we’d say that Motorola’s got another winner on its hands here.

That is of course if the Droid 3 sees the light of day over here. We’d presume so, given that previous Droids have been reborn in Blighty as Milestones.

Motorola declined to comment on these pics when we spoke to them. If you like your Android phones to come with Qwertys, keep your fingers crossed for this being genuine and for a UK release.

Source: Howards Forums via Droid Life


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