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More possible iPhone 4G photos surface (update: video)

After Gizmodo’s epic next-gen iPhone leak, you’ll have to work pretty hard to impress anyone with an Apple rumour or spy pics. The latest pictures to surface come courtesy of Vietnamese site Taoviet and do look really quite authentic.

As Engadget points out the unit looks more finished than the Gizmodo prototype we saw last month, including the disappearance of a couple of exposed screws at the bottom of the handset – something a lot of commentators jumped on as a suggestion that the handset wasn’t a final version. However, many other things are exactly the same – the front-facing camera, the flash on the back and the micro-SIM slot, for example.

Whether or not this is the next-gen iPhone Taoviet has certainly given it a good seeing to over in Vietnam, whipping it apart and photographing it extensively. Look out for that Apple branded processor and battery, both suggesting authenticity.

So are we looking at a more up-to-date prototype? With WWDC just around the corner we’d certainly expect the handset to be nearing completion now, but we’re still a little sceptical. It does seem a bit weird that these leaks and prototypes keep popping up, having never ever popped up in this depth before. Is Apple getting sloppy or are these red herrings?

[Video source: YouTube via Slashgear]


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