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More PSP phone leaks: Size comparisons, Asia launch?

We’ve been intrigued by yet more sneaky peaks of the still unofficial PlayStation phone.

Yet another hands-on preview, this time at Chinese tech site,; extra details here include a close-up of a front-facing camera, meaning video calls are go, though no size specs, and a light sensor to adjust the phone’s brightness.

It’s interesting that the keyboard options offers Chinese and Japanese settings. Does this mean an Asian launch before we see it over here?

There’s also a plethora of size comparison photos, with the as-yet unnamed phone dwarfing the Xperia X10 Mini Pro, and looking comparable in size to Sony’s PSP Go, if a little thinner.

The site suggests that the 1500mA battery found in the leaked handset should be able to squeeze out over 5 hours of gaming while on flight mode.

Source; via Engadget



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