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Mortal Kombat is going mobile. Er, Phonality?

Warner Brothers has announced that Mortal Kombat X will be coming to iOS and Android as well as the major consoles, albeit in a slightly different guise.

Back in 1992 when the original Mortal Kombat launched, it was as revered as it was reviled, and now everyone’s favourite gore-laden beat ‘em up is coming to smartphones and tablets, to bring a little bit of brutality into everyone’s lives, even on the go.

The mobile game, which the studio and developer call a “free-to-play fighting/card-battler hybrid”, will launch on the same day as its console-bound big brother, April 14th.

While the game won’t be quite as in-depth as the console version, there will be similarities. You’ll find the same amount of blood splashing about on both versions, as well as Fatalities, x-rays and multiplayer scrapping. Naturally, many of the same characters who we’ve come to know and love, like Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Raiden, plus a few others we haven’t clapped eyes on yet will also make an appearance too.

There will also be the additional card-collecting element in the mobile version of the game and users who have both the console and mobile versions will be able to unlock content across platforms by signing up for one of Warner Brothers’ WB Play accounts. All they’ll have to do is play through on one platform, completing tasks and achievements, to unlock extras on the other.

Whether the mobile version of the game will feature in-app purchases is anyone’s guess at this stage, but there’s a good chance given the title’s “free-to-play” tag-line.


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