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Most of us check our phones 150 times a day, research claims

Most users check their phones 150 times a day, research suggests.

We’re pretty addicted to smartphones here at Recombu towers. If you want our iPhones, you’ll pretty much have to pry them from our cold, dead fingers. But we’re not alone — new research suggests the modern smartphone user checks apps on their device 150 times a day, staying glued to their tiny screens for a daily average of two hours and 17 minutes, according to an infographic by app makers Infinite Monkeys.

Most of us can't get enough of our phones.

The lion’s share of that time, 86 per cent, is spent accessing mobile apps, with the remainder spent accessing mobile Web sites. Users access apps ten times more often than they take showers and access apps three times more often than they eat. 

That’s hardly surprising as smartphone and app use has seen remarkable growth. In 2008 apps, as we know them today, didn’t exist. Yet, in the last six years, 113bn apps have been downloaded by the 60 per cent of mobile users that own a smartphone. 

Where has a world of mobile connectivity taken us? Nowhere, really, as the vast majority of us apps are accessed at home. 61 per cent of us use our mobiles in the living room, 43 per cent of us tap away in the bedroom, while only 12 per cent of us engage in phone-related business while doing our business in the bathroom.

Predictably, Apple’s iOS platform accounts for the majority of downloads at 60bn, but Google’s Android platform is close behind at 50bn. Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform trails at a mere 3bn downloads.

The value of the app economy will be around $25bn this year, which is a 62 per cent increase on 2013’s global app revenue. It’s predicted that figure is set to be almost six times that amount by 2016.

Not all is rosy. Samsung has experienced problems with its app download levels on its own handsets. Recently we learned that, despite overtaking Apple in smartphone handset sales, users spend just seven minutes on average using Samsung applications

Check out the infographic below.



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