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Motorola Moto 360 image error reveals seven straps for upcoming smart watch

A seeming mistake over on the Motorola Moto 360 site has revealed what appears to be a complete rainbow-esque range of seven secret strap-ons.

Moto 360

Whether a considered tease or a genuine error on the ham-fisted posting part of Motorola, like a fleeting glimpse into your own bright and brilliant future, but with watch straps, a rare, renegade image appeared briefly on the Moto 360 smart watch website detailing the designs of no fewer than seven leather wrist-wrap options, before vanishing as suddenly as it emerged.

From Motorola’s official unveiling two weeks ago, it appeared from the promo pics that the Moto 360 would only be offering a choice of a metal bracelet or light brown leather strap, but the erroneously uploaded image secreted away on the 360’s product page Watchileaked a whole set of seven leather bands in, what we can work out from the tiny, grainy, clearly not for public consumption picture, white, black, brown, blue, yellow, purple and green. So, style options there for all colour comers.

Moto's secret seven

The short-lived pictorial peek at the potential spectrum of straps was later pulled from the site once Motorola had realised its error. But with the cat – kind of – out of the bag, now we can say with some degree of certainty that Moto’s smart watch will be as colourful as it is clever.



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