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Moto Gamer: Motorola concept phone with “holographic” display


Fed up with the current state of gaming phones we recently came up with an unusual Nokia concept phone that focussed on gaming. It seems, however, that we’re not the only ones coming up with futuristic gaming phone concepts. Justin Moyer has created an unofficial Motorola gaming phone concept called Moto Gamer.

The Moto Gamer is a slim handset which boasts a “holographic” projection system and touchscreen gaming controls. Unlike any phone out today, the Moto Gamer features a separate display which works alongside a built-in projector.

According to Moyer, the Moto Gamer would be able to connect to a social gaming network so that you could play games with friends. It’s an unusual concept phone and we’re not sure about a detachable display but we like that it doesn’t conform to current mobile design norms.