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Moto X reportedly backed by $500 million marketing campaign

Motorola has already set its marketing campaign in motion, but the company is going to be spending huge amounts of money in an effort to make the Moto X a success. The Wall Street Journal reports that Motorola and Google are willing to spend up to $500 million (around £330 million) to market the Moto X in the United States as well as Europe.

The publication also says that Motorola will be releasing the Moto X on all four major US carriers, with the company managing to cut down on the amount of bloatware that will ship with the device. The WSJ’s sources didn’t reveal pricing information, but did say that the Moto X is expected to fall in line with other smartphones on the market.

Motorola may be prepared to compete at a direct price point, but its strategy doesn’t seem to boil down to just hardware specifications. Leaks have indicated that the Moto X will actually be closer to a mid-range device, featuring a 720p display that could fall between 4.3 to 4.7-inches. The company is instead hoping that people will warm to the fact that the phone will be customisable, with recent reports suggesting that Motorola will allow customers to choose the colour of their phone and order custom engravings.

The Moto X will also be constructed in the United States, a factor that Motorola has already highlighted in its newspaper advert that ran just before July 4th. The company says that the Moto X will be the first phone that has been “designed, engineered, and manufactured” in the United States, but the manufacturer will have to wait and see if customers will respond to the patriotic tone.

The all important factor, though, is price. The WSJ suggests that the Moto X could be sold for the same price as the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4, but the rumoured use of cheaper components and colourful options could hint at Motorola aiming for a much lower price point. As for when the phone will be released, Motorola has said that it should arrive sometime in the “late summer”.

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