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Moto X customisation options will include colours and engravings

Motorola has said several times that the Moto X will be “designed by you”, but what exactly does that mean? ABC News has the details. According to the publication, customers will be able to choose from a wide variety of colours for the phone. When placing an order for the Moto X, customisation options will allow people to choose different colours for the back of the handset, as well as the trim.

Not only that, but customers will be able to order custom engravings for the phone, not unlike what Apple does for its range of iDevices. And if someone really wants to, they can upload a photo and have it appear as the phone’s wallpaper straight out of the box. ABC News says Motorola’s factory in Texas will process all orders and deliver them to customers “within days”.

That information seems to be backed up by another leak too. French site has published allged back covers for the Moto X – seen above – showing a wide range of colours. That seems to match up with ABC’s report, although the site goes on to say that up to 16 different colours will be available, including red, blue, green, purple, and many more.

Motorola has dropped several hints about the features for the Moto X before, but seems to be playing up the fact that the phone will be made in the USA. The company published an advert in several US newspapers yesterday that specifically mentioned how the Moto X would be the first smartphone to be “designed, engineered, and manufactured” in the US. There’s still no exact word on when we’ll see the device, but Motorola has previously said that it should arrive by “late summer”.


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