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Motorhead get their own iPhone remix app

Motorhead? iPhone remixes? Does not compute. Yet that’s exactly what’s appeared on the App Store this morning, courtesy of music developer Bounce Mobile.

Motorhead is a fully-licensed remix app for the legendary band, which uses the same technology seen in Bounce’s own Fireplayer app. Just more rock, obviously.

You can trigger different samples, loops and ‘Flanger’ effects for four preloaded tracks: Killed By Death, We Are The Road Crew, Stay Clean and – of course – Ace Of Spades.

Others are available to buy from within the app, including Love Me Like A Reptile, Iron Fist, Jailbait, Bomber and Overkill. Facebook is plumbed in too, so you can share your creations and listen to those of friends.

There’s also an official website where you can listen to some of the best efforts. Be warned: Ace of Spaces is unimprovable. Even so, this should be a big hit with fans.


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