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Motörheadphönes: Lemmy, Phil and Mikkey D get behind some premium personal audio

With the ‘abundance of bass-focused, rap headphones on the market’ (as the brand puts it) famed rock band Motörhead have decided to step in and add their own flavour to what they think makes a good set of cans for your music.

Step forward Motörheadphönes: a new range of both on-ear and in-ear headphones designed to offer the best audio reproduction for guitar-driven music, with a focus on preserving both bass and mid tone performance. We met the team behind the new product range alongside Phil Campbell (the band’s lead guitarist) himself to discover what made these products so unique.

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The Motörheadphönes brand is actually a partnership between Motörhead and Swedish company, Krusell International. The latter having occupied the mobile space for some 20 years. The partnership has produced a range of five sets of headphones design for an array of consumers at varying price points.

Motörizer – Named after the band’s 2008 album, the Motörizer on-ear headphones offer the best that the Motörheadphönes range can muster. Designed with DJs in mind, these cans feature two 40mm neodymium drivers on turnable earcups laden with velvet ear cushions. The exterior and framework is made with steel and comes with a 1 meter woven metal lead complete with an inbuilt remote said to feature up to 19 different functions called the ‘Controlizer’. The box also contains a second 2.5 meter cable for alternate use if you so wish. The cost for the best? £129.99


Iron Fist – Despite their slightly smaller footprint, these on-ears still feature the same 40mm drivers with a focus on preserving the mid-to-high range whilst maintaining the ability to deliver capable bass tones. They also feature a 1.1 meter and 2.5 meter cable for you to choose from. Price £99.99

Bomber – The most compact of the on-ear headphones in the range, the smaller 30mm drivers in these cans still produce big sound, share many of the same design elements with their larger siblings including a steel construction and come complete with a Controlizer wired remote for your smartphone. As we said, the remote boasts up to 19 different functions which include: volume control, pause, play, play forward, fast forward, rewind, fast rewind, answer calls, hang up calls, put calls on hold, jump between multiple calls, voice control, take a photo, record a video. Price £79.99

Overkill & Trigger – Both in-ear headphones feature an all-metal design, plus an Ace of Spades slider to adjust cable length and stop your wires getting tangled. The key difference being that Overkill also features a smartphone remote with music and call controls. Both sets of in-ears come with small, medium and large buds and a choice of three metal finishes: brushed metal, black metal or brass. Price £49.99 and £39.99 respectively.

From our brief hands on time with the Motörheadphones range we were most impressed by Bomber. They might not be the biggest or the best, but they offer impressive audio output whilst maintaining a great look and a compact frame size at a cost that won’t drain your wallet. What’s more the potential found within the Controlizer is a definite addition worth having. We should also note that each item in the range also comes with a Warpig-laden pouch and in addition, true Motörhead fans will be able to pick up a range of phone cases and pouches too.


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