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Motorola Atrix HD revealed, looks like a RAZR

It seems as if Motorola have been rather quiet of late, with the exception of unveiling the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update destined for the flagship Motorola RAZR and its battery-savvy brother the RAZR MAXX, we’ve yet to see a new leading handset of note from the company. Could the next device in Motorola’s Atrix lineup be the one to take the crown?

On the company’s US site, a new product page featuring the Motorola Atrix HD has appeared and with it, all the juicy details surrounding what it can do.

Motorola Atrix HD

In the UK, consumers have thus far only been given the option of the original Atrix, whilst the company have fleshed the US portfolio out with both a 4G version of the original device and a follow up in the form of the Atrix 2. The Atrix HD markets itself a stylish, smart handset that shies away from the angular corners of the current RAZR series in favour of a more curvaceous silver body. Having said that, the design does borrow heavily from Motorola’s RAZR styling, not only from the Atrix HD’s use of a carbon patterned back, but the inclusion of a camera bump at the top slimming out as your eye progresses down the phone’s side.

On the inside, the Atrix HD features a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and as with the RAZR, 1GB of RAM. There’s also expandable memory via microSD up to 32GB to accompany the in-built 8GB of user storage available and the same 1750mAh battery as found on the current RAZR. Imaging too matches up as the HD makes use of a rear mounted 8-megapixel snapper and also features a 1.3-megapixel front-facing unit for video chat.

The ‘HD’ namesake comes from the Atrix’s use of a 4.5-inch 720p HD LCD panel, making it the highest resolution Android smartphone Motorola have ever produced. The phone’s frontage also indicates that this is one of the first Motorola’s to adopt the telltale on-screen ICS soft keys, much like the Galaxy Nexus and Asus Padfone. For the meantime, the Atrix HD is only accessible on Motorola’s US site and the AT&T logo in the images reinforces its current destination of the US market. Be that as it may, UK consumers will need their own dose of new Motorola blood soon, as the RAZR has started to collect dust on store shelves in light of shinier, newer Android rivals.


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