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Motorola Atrix price snipped to £150 on £10 tariff

The Motorola Atrix has had its price snipped by Orange; knocking down the entry-price on its lowest-priced tariff down to £149.99.

You’ll be on a contract for 24 months, paying £10 per month for just 30 minutes but unlimited text messages. Orange were the first network to offer up the Atrix earlier this year, having co-developed the phone with Motorola.

It arrived with a plethora of docks and add-ons including a ‘lapdock’ that meant your phone was able to double into a (admittedly limited) laptop. There’s also a very sharp qHD touchscreen, and fingerprint security.

It may not stand up to the likes of the HTC Sensation or Samsung Galaxy S2, with minimal camera options and Motorola’s frustrating brand of software atop the Android operating system, but it remains a very powerful power for a very attractive price.

When first spotted by Eurodroid, it was an even keenly priced £99.99 up-front. But, despite the extra £50 bump-up, it’s still quite a deal for the dual-core Android phone.

Source: Orange

Via: Eurodroid