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Motorola Atrix: SIM-free priced- £479.99

Joining the raft of phones now revealed for pre-order, SIM-free, the dual-cored, laptop-docking Motorola Atrix has shown up at online tech store, Expansys. SIM-less, expect to pay around £474.99.

(Update: The price has now disappeared. Curiouser and curiouser…)

All those Multimedia docks, laptop screens, accessories, bells and whistles are there also listed for pre-order but no signs of a price-tag just yet.

The weighty phone is being sold as a super-convergence phone, where the functions will differ depending on what dock you use, or how you want to use it. The dual-core processing power will allow for for high-end app functions and zippy internet browsing, while the separately-sold multimedia browser will allow you to connect and use the phone through your big-screen TV or computer. High definition video, but not pocket-sized? Sounds good.

Obviously with all its grand specs, it’s got a bit tubby. It’s not going to win prizes for its slender frame, but an extra large 1930mAh battery should help make certain the phone lasts a day on a single charge.

The most interesting accessory is the laptop dock, which will give you an 11.6-inch screen and full-sized keyboard. A full version of the Firefox internet browser has even been developed to run on the Atrix, and should work pretty well on the add-on laptop. (Did we just say add-on laptop?)

The Atrix was co-developed between Motorola and Orange, and the citrus-based phone network have said they will be bringing Motorola’s dual-core monster to the UK, though they have remained tight-lipped on monthly tariff pricing. More info on that when Orange announces it.

Via: Pocket-lint


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