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Motorola Atrix superphone will be exclusive to Everything Everywhere in the UK

Everything Everywhere will exclusively stock the Atrix when it arrives in the UK.

Now  this may not not come as an entirely shocking announcement, given that the dual-cored superphone was co-developed by Orange and Motorola since its infancy.

Now the the phone looks set to arrive exclusively on Orange and T-Mobile networks, known together as Everything Everywhere.

Still no release just yet, but it’s an interesting idea; the powerful Atrix gets extra functionality from particular dock, like a laptop ‘dock’ that is merely a 11-inch screen and keyboard; the phone does all the thinking and processing, and plugs in snugly at the back.

There’s also a media dock available allowing for swift connection to your big HD screens, ready to show off those Angry Birds high scores and cat videos.

Inside the phone itself is a dual core 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and a high-resolution qHD display. It currently runs on Android 2.2, but there should be an update to the latest smartphone version, Gingerbread, arriving in the very near future.

The Atrix’ release schedule has been clouded in secrecy- it’s already out in the US but a spokesman from Everything Everywhere has confirmed it will be coming to Orange very soon, followed by T-Mobile.


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