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Motorola Atrix to come to T-Mobile

T-Mobile has announced they’ll be offering the dual-core Motorola Atrix on its release this summer.

With a release date penned in some time in June, the Atrix has a wealth of accessories to make the most of its impressive insides.

The highlight is the laptop dock, which is actually just the keyboard, track-pad and 11-inch screen.

All the thinking and storage is still done inside the phone, which plugs into the back. The phone also promises to run the full version of Firefox, which should be a web-browser’s dream on a lappy screen.

There’s also a HD multimedia dock that can connect your phone and that big-screen plasma of yours, and a standard upright dock for charging/ turning the phone into a classy alarm clock from the future.

T-Mobile join their Everything Everywhere ally, Orange, which has also promised to stock the phone. Not surprising, given that the phone was co-developed by Orange and Motorola.

Via: Know Your Mobile


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