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Motorola Atrix: What’s in the box?

The Motorola Atrix has arrived- and you’ll be able to get your hands on one starting Wednesday 4 May.

You wait for one dual-cored superbus to arrive and… Yes, it’s another dual-core superphone, and like the LG Optimus 2X it won’t arrive with the latest version of Android, Gingerbread, though a spokesperson told us at the exclusive UK launch event earlier today that the update would be arriving in the future- sooner rather than later.

The Atrix has been out for a month in the US, and we’ve now got our hands on one of the first UK models to review, ahead of its release.

It will be exclusive to Orange this month, but Everything Everywhere partner, T-Mobile will get the Atrix starting in June, followed by other networks later into 2011, according to Motorola. No word just yet on who those others might be, but we’re sure all will be revealed in good time.

We’ve just got our review model in the office, although we’re still waiting the arrival of the docks, and the Atrix looks set to be all about the docks- each offering extra functionality for the phone.

At its press launch earlier today, we were amazed by HD video output; the Motorola spokesman called it DVD quality- and we weren’t going to argue.

Full HD output is possible through the imaginatively-named HD dock, which connects your phone through the in-box HDMI cable.

We’ve been supplied with the “Work and Play” kit; with the aforementioned HD multimedia dock, a remote, bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Orange pay-monthly customers who upgrade to the Motorola Atrix during May will get this set of goodies for free.

We’ll be bringing you more on the HD dock and the lapdock (a lappie shell including a 11.6-inch screen, battery, keyboard and touchpad) when they arrive in Recombu Towers.

Until then, feast your eyes on what you get with the phone, and some up-close shots of the Atrix itself. We’ll be getting up-close with the docks when they arrive. Expect more pictures then.

The slide-out box is packed full of cables and adapters. And plenty of those twisty cable things, that make our What’s In the Box (WITB) fans go crazy.

From left to right; microUSB-USB cable, AC adapter, Motorola Atrix, microHDMI-HDMI cable, headset with extra buds and microphone clip.

Naturally, there’s a bundle of literature here too- we’ll read it later. Promise. The Atrix will be released exclusively on Orange, and ours arrived with an Orange SIM, ready to go.

It’s a shame the AC adapter requires the USB cable to function; we like to keep the USB cable at work for top-up charging, and use the AC adapter at home for overnight.

There’s also a HDMI cable, meaning you can attach the phone to any HDMI-friendly TVs or monitors.

Here’s the headphone set connected to the Atrix. Surprisingly Motorola hasn’t followed the trend for in-ear buds, opting for these presumably cheaper headphones.

Fear not; your normal 3mm headphones are also compatible.

On the back, we’ve zoomed in on the camera. It’s a 5-megapixel affair, capable of 720p high-definition video-recording. There’s also a dual-LED flash underneath. and at the top you can see the fingerprint reader/ screen-lock button.

While also a normal physical button, after toying with the settings on the phone, you can register both your right and left fingers, which then allows you to unlock your phone with a swish. It also means no-one else can do the same- even if they know your pin-code.

Below that sharp 4-inch qHD (quarter High Definition) screen, you’ll find the four Android buttons; menu, home, back and search.

Here’s the Atrix compared against one of its dual-core rivals; it’s the Motorola Atrix vs LG Optimus 2X.

The screens are slightly different, with the Atrix packing a slightly higher resolution, while the Optimus 2X offers a bit more touch-screen real estate.

Comparing thickness, and to the eye, it’s a bit inconclusive. The camera on the Optimus 2X sticks out a bit, while the Atrix is uniformly slightly thicker. Weight-wise. they feel very similar in the hand.

Taking off the plastic backing reveals the SIM and microSD card slots.

The battery is a meaty 1930 mAh- probably responsible for adding some weight to the phone. Although it’s not noticeably any heavier than the Optimus 2X, it’s certainly no Samsung Galaxy S2.


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