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Motorola Backflip: Catch you on the flip side

It seems the Motorola design department is still alive and kicking as Motorola has just unveiled an Android phone with a screen that folds in both directions. The Motorola Backflip can be used as a mini-laptop or you can flip the screen the other way around and use it as a digital picture frame, alarm clock or media player.

Behind the Backflip’s 3.1-inch touchscreen you’ll find a touch-sensitive control panel, which allows you to scroll through content whatever position the screen is in. Other features include a 5-megapixel camera, GPS and Wi-Fi, a 3.5mm headphone jack and it runs Motoblur, the social aggregation interface also found on the Milestone.

We’re not sure exactly when it’s due to come out in the UK but Motorola states it will be early this year. Here’s a hands-on video from SlashGear, so you can see what it looks like in action.