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Motorola confirms UK Android launch event

Motorola isn’t blanking us after all. Yesterday Moto sent out press invitations to US journalists for the launch of its highly anticipated Android phones but we got nothing. Today Motorola UK sent out a similar invitation to an event taking place in the UK on September 15th at 7pm. This hopefully means that the UK won’t have to wait too long to get its hands on a Motorola Android device.

We couldn’t be more excited as we’ve been waiting for these handsets for some time and suspect that this is Motorola’s last chance of survival. Nothing makes a tech journo more excited than a do-or-die product, and this is as do-or-die as you get.

Our fellow mobile aficionado, Stuart Dredge, pointed out yesterday that Motorola needs to do more than just pump out some Android phones. The handsets need to be extremely attractive inside and out, and Motorola needs to get involved with the app scene. It needs to innovate and not just copy. We also hope Motorola has lost its penchant for slicing up words to make names — full words FTW.

Even though we weren’t fans of Motorola’s seemingly endless rehashing of the Razr and understand why the company is in trouble, we still want to see it do well. Without Motorola the mobile industry wouldn’t be what it is today, so for your sake Moto, we hope you slam dunk it on the 15th. More info to follow after the event.


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