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Motorola countdown begins: Just a RAZR’s edge away from the cutting edge reveal

Every time we head over to the Motorola site and clock the ‘Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger.’ tagline we get that similarly titled Daft Punk song stuck in our heads.

Well in just over a day, that feeling ought to shake; the big reveal of what’s thought to be a follow-up to the legendary Motorola Razr is all set to happen tomorrow the 18th of October.

Tha Razr, as those of us from the pre-iPhone era (otherwise known as ‘B.C.’) remember turned heads upon its release, boasting a whip-smart super slim design that arguably kicked off the whole trend for slim gadgets that continues to this day.

A splash page with a countdown timer has popped up on Motorola’s homepage, along with a contact form where you can pop in your phone number and email address in order to receive updates.

While we’re excited to see what Motorola’s got up it’s sleeves (even though we’ve got a good idea of what it’s going to be) we can’t help but feel that Motorola’s going to have it thunder stolen a little; just a few hours later we’ll probably be basking in the dual glory of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich courtesy of Samsung and Google.

Still, this level of promotional fanfare is rare for Motorola; the innovative Motorola Atrix transformaphone didn’t quite get the same level of PR spinnage. Something big cometh we think…

A link to that video again, for those who’ve not seen it yet:

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