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Motorola customers launch petition for bootload unlock

Increasingly frustrated Motorola smartphone customers have launched a petition to persuade the mobile giant to release unlocks for bootloaders.

Unlocking the bootloader enables users of Android mobile phones to add their own custom ROM’s, which is undoubtedly the appeal of Google’s operating system to many users.

Moto’s statement that bootloaders will be unlocked on a ‘portfolio of devices’ in the latter half of 2011 hasn’t come to fruition.

Motorola is the only major Android smartphone manufacturer to not allow users to unlock their phones.

Sony Ericsson released bootloaders for some of its Android phones last year; by default Samsung’s handsets – including the Samsung Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Note – are unlocked. At the end of 2011 HTC announced it would be released bootloaders to unlock mobiles launched after September 2011.

XDA is organising a protest and their is a petition online available here, which staes:‘It is time that Motorola unlocks all of their smartphone’s bootloaders and gives people the right to modify their own personal property, a right that is inherent on millions of other smartphones produced by other companies.’

Are you a Motorola user who wants to unlock your bootloader? Have you signed the petition? Let us know below or via Facebook or Twitter.



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