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Motorola Defy ‘Mucky Dip’ photo: Insert caption here, cannot be unseen

We’ve seen some disturbing images during our times on the internet. This one from Motorola could sit happily in the ‘MY EYES!’ folder, not for what it actually shows but for the disturbing mental images it conjures.

It’s timed to coincide with the festival season which is reaching its peak; V Festival is this weekend and it’s Reading and Leeds the following Bank Holiday Weekend.

Set up in a bid to promote the durability of the Motrola Defy, Kirsty Gallagher was snapped in Covent Garden along with four Defys dunked in brown sticky stuff.

Ostensibly meant to simulate mud, it looks a little like something else to us seasoned festivalgoers.

Add this to the rather pained expression on Kirsty’s face and the grasping, clawing hands and it just all adds up to a giant ball of wrong.

We’ve tried to come up with some good captions, but in the interests in keeping Recombu family friendly, we simply can’t publish any of them here. Feel free to have a go in the comments…


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