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Motorola Defy+: What’s in the box?

The sequel to Motorola’s ‘life-proof’ Android phone has just turned up in our pigeon hole. Running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and featuring a single 1GHz processor the Motorola Defy+ is essentially a tarted up version of last year’s Defy. It’s sporting a new-look version of the Motoblur UI as well which brings some welcome changes.

We’re happy to report that the home shortcut that popped up at the centre-bottom of the screen when you scrolled left or right has been axed. This was a feature that allowed you to easily jump from one screen to another, but also resulted in unintentional jumps back to the main homescreen.

There’s some other nice changes we’ve noted, including in-pocket detection. This automatically locks the Defy+ whenever you put it in your pocket, preventing you from accidentally calling someone. We’re guessing that this feature uses the accelerometer to tell which way ‘up’ the phone is.

We’ve duly unboxed the Motorola Defy+, charged it up and made it pose for pics before we get on with the business of reviewing it.

If you’re lucky we may well post a video later of us testing it’s water-resistant capabilities. Until then, have a look at what you get with it plus a closer look at the Defy+ itself.

The new-look Motoblur launcher. The app launcher shortcut is the one on the bottom right – the white circle in the black box. The other features are (perhaps obviously) the dialler, camera and text messages.

The Motorola Defy+ is very much like its predecessor in terms of size, shape and how it feels in the hand.

There’s detachable plugs that cover the microUSB and 3.5mm ports, protecting the connections from dust and water.

The 5-megapixel camera of the Defy+, bolstered by a single LED flash. The familiar ‘M’ logo occupies the centre of the removable back panel.

We like the big virtual control for the shutter. The arrow tab on the right reveals a host of settings and shot modes. There’s modes for close-ups and sunsets as well as sepia and solarize filters.

The usual documentation plus the micro USB wire and mains adapter. Note the HTC Sense-style leap mode on the Motorola Defy+’s screen.

The supplied headphones are pretty basic, with the control unit fetauring a single mute/pause button. We’ll see how nicely the Defy+ plays with our other headphones.

The back cover of the Motorola Defy+ features a catch that keeps it firmly in place. It needs a bit of give to get it off which is encouraging; we feel that this would stay firmly in place if we dropped it.

Presto; the back cover in glorious half-on, half-off mode. The back cover has a rubbery matt feel to it which gives it a bit of grip.

A closer look at the camera unit of the Motorola Defy+. You’ll be able to easily get at the lens cover if you need to give it a good clean.

The guts and gears of the Motorola Defy+. A 2GB microSD came included with our model, but depending on where you buy yours from, you might get a bit more bunged in. Either way, the card is held snugly in place by the red rubber strip here. SIM slot is to the left there.

We’re cracking on with our full review now; do stick around for that won’t you?


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