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Motorola Dext: More than text

Hello Moto, nice to see you again. Last night Motorola unveiled its first Android phone, the Motorola Dext. Pitched as a social networking device, the Dext features a bespoke syncing system called Motoblur. From what we understand Motoblur delivers all your information in an organised way through widgets (link to promotional video).

We spoke to Tom Satchwell, Motorola director of international marketing, who told us that Motoblur is the “best and most efficient way of communicating out there… this phone rocks”. When asked about Motorola’s recent difficulties and lack of presence in the market, Satchwell added “Motorola’s period of consolidation is done”.

We’re genuinely excited about the Dext and think it’s the right move for Motorola, who has historically pumped out one Razr clone after another. Satchwell admitted that it’s no longer about creating one hero phone but also stated that it’s critical for the Dext and subsequent Motorola handsets to do well.

The Dext is a truly social phone, combining emails, text messages, news feeds and social network updates, among other things, in a seemingly easy way. Motorola is attempting to disrupt the Android scene by targeting people who want to have their information fed to them in one place, instead of having to use a variety of apps.

Other features include the ability to upload pictures to several sites, including Facebook and Picassa. There’s a backup system so that you can retrieve lost data and if you lose your Dext you can track it using the built-in GPS and remotely wipe it clean.

Spec-wise the Dext offers a capacitive touchscreen, a full Qwerty keyboard, a 5-megapixel camera, a 3.5mm headphone jack, 3G and Wi-Fi, GPS, an expandable microSD slot, and it runs on Android so you have access to apps via the Android Market. The Dext will be exclusively available on Orange by Christmas, no details on pricing yet.



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