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Motorola Droid Ultra landing page hints at thin yet durable smartphone

Are you ready for another iteration in Motorola’s Droid line? The company has put up a landing page for what could be the next smartphone in the range, dubbed the Droid Ultra. Not much can be gleaned from the broken page at the moment, but it’s good to know that Motorola will once again be focusing on a svelte and sturdy handset.

The only cryptic clue available on the landing page so far points to the build quality of the phone. Motorola looks to be sticking to its winning Kevlar formula, with the blurb telling us “you can be even thinner and still be tough as steel.” Otherwise, all we have is the name of the handset. The specs at the bottom of the page seem to be a red herring so far, as they’re identical to the Droid Razr M, the US version of Motorola’s Razr i.

Motorola does eventually bring its Razr line of handsets across to the UK, but often not without a significant delay. We’d imagine that the company will bring whatever this phone is to the UK when it is announced, but America will get to enjoy it first. As for when we might see the handset, probably around September. That’s when Motorola’s last salvo of devices – including the Razr HD and Razr Maxx HD – were launched.

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