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Motorola Droid Ultra spied in leaked images

Twitter leakster @evleaks dropped hints not too long ago that Motorola was cooking up some new Droid devices in addition to its upcoming Moto X handset. The tipster is back yet again, this time serving up an image of what’s said to be called the “Droid Maxx”. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, though, to see Kevlar material making a return once again.

The design isn’t a radical departure from what Motorola has released in the past either, although the company seems to have removed its logo from the front in favour of a slightly larger screen. The corners are also slightly more rounded than usual – probably for a more comfortable grip – but it’s hard to discern much else from the image.

Still, what @evleaks released could be a “Maxx” variant of the Droid Ultra, a phone that was allegedly snapped on xda-developers over the weekend. The design looks identical to the leaked press render, but it did reveal the small Motorola logo in the top left corner of the handset, a trait recently seen on leaked Moto X images. The Droid Ultra could be the company’s next flagship device, with the Ultra Maxx offering additional battery life, not unlike past Razr variants.

Motorola still has a close relationship with US carrier Verizon, though, so we’ll probably see these handsets announced and released in America before coming to Europe. Motorola also typically tends to announce new devices towards the end of the summer. It could be a few months, then, before we see an official unveiling for the Droid Ultra.


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