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Motorola Flipout hands-on pictures and video

We just crashed the Motorola Flipout launch to get some cheeky pictures of the square handset. It’s more solid than we expected it to be and the screen is very responsive. The Flipout’s keypad is great and reminds us of the Motorola Q’s keypad, which we loved. We’ll need to spend some more time with it before we can tell you if it’s worth buying but so far, so good. Click on the next page to see our hands-on pictures.

We like how small the Flipout is. It’s an unusual shape but it’s solid.

The Flipout’s keypad is easy to type on and the capacitive screen is responsive.

There’s a micro-USB port on the side for charging and data transfer.

The Flipout’s 3.5mm headphone jack means lets you attach standard headphones.

On the back there’s a 3-megapixel camera.

This is the back of the screen when it’s ‘flipped’ out.

The Flipout’s 2.8-inch screen is small but it’s fine for messaging. We wouldn’t want to play 3D games on it though.

Underneath the battery cover, which comes in a variety of colours, you’ll find the microSD slot and a 1170mAh battery.

You’ll be able to buy the Flipout in a variety of colours.


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