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Motorola Gleam: RAZR’s spiritual successor?

A flip-top phone with a one-piece keypad and slim profile. Sound familiar? Well, this ain’t no RAZR, this is Motorola’s Gleam.

The feature phone will pack both an mp3 player and FM radio, coming with its own stereo headset in-box.

Although there is a tiny 32MB of flash memory already on the phone, it’s expandable by microSD up to 16GB.

The flip-phone also has a 2.4-inch QVGA display, with data and charging via microUSB. Bluetooth 2.1 support is also there, naturally.

Andrew Morley, vice president of marketing for Motorola Mobility, said, “It’s also a little quirky, with its lighting design letting you stand out from the crowd and make a statement.”

There’s a little LED matrix on the front of the closed phone will display any missed calls or unread messages.

Motorola looking to channel the huge popularity of the RAZR, a phone that you can still often see people using, nine years after it was first released. Although there is no news yet on an exact release date, networks or how much it’s going to cost us, expect it to be reasonably priced.

Motorola promise that the Gleam will be available this half of 2011- and will be available several “stylish modern colours”; graphite gray, lacquer red and thistle (that’s Motorola code for pink-purple.)

Here’s the obligatory sexy-spinning-phone preview vid.


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