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Motorola Gleam Preview

The Motorola Gleam is a slick, compact flip/clamshell phone with a heavy emphasis on style and design. It’s very much a spiritual successor to the Motorola Razr, the ultra-slim flip phone that kicked off the ‘thin phone’ craze back in the day.

Boasting a gleaming metallic exterior (it comes in three hues – red, grey and purple) curved edges, the Gleam is aimed at the fashion conscious and anyone who has a magpie-like tendency to be excited by shiny things.

Opting for a 12-key controller instead of a touchscreen, the Gleam is also ideal for those who hanker for a bit of old-school texting action, but want a phone that’s got a bit of style and design flair.

The Motorola Gleam has a 2-megapixel camera (sans flash) a 2.4-inch main display and a secondary LED matrix on the top of the phone; this lights up whenever you’ve got a new message or a missed call, displaying icons in dot matrix disco lights.

Though the Motorola Gleam doesn’t pack a lot of internal storage (just 32MB of flash memory) you can expand this up to 16GB with a microSD card. This gives you a bit more room for things like pictures and MP3 playlists.




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