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Motorola Migrate now lets you go iPhone to Moto

The most recent update to Motorola’s Migrate app now offers support for iCloud as well as the gamut of Android devices.

Since Motorola’s rebirth under parent company Google, we’ve seen a strong push on both sides of the Atlantic to guide consumers towards its new phones, namely the Motorola Moto X, which arrived in grand fashion last summer Stateside and the Moto G, a device which shuns convention, based on its great specs at bargain basement price.

Motorola Migrate

Naturally, users have had plenty of time to favour other brands, Samsung Galaxys, HTCs and the occasional LG, but thankfully the Motorola Migrate app is on hand to ease the transition to a new, ‘Googlier’ Motorola.

Previously the app had you scan an on-screen QR code from one device to intiate the transition of content to your new Moto, however this most recent update doesn’t just boast a few minor bug fixes, iOS users can now pull their content, directly from iCloud. Simply open the app on your new Motorola, select the device you want to copy content from as iOS and it’ll then prompt you for your iCloud login.

This is one of the few transfer tools from a manufacturer of Android devices to boast iOS support and something Motorola will no doubt want to shout about, particularly to the millions of iPhone users out there.


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