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Motorola Milestone: Droid heads to O2 Germany

You could say that Android 2.0 is something of a turning point for Google. The new version of the Android OS (aka Eclair) promises an improved Google Maps experience including turn-by-turn navigation among other features.

It’s fitting then that Motorola’s latest handset, which has been specifically designed with Android 2.0 in mind, looks set to be renamed the Motorola Milestone for the European market according to Boy Genius Report.

News of the Motorola Milestone (Motorola Droid in the US) arriving on O2 in Germany was leaked by AndroidPit, who claims a 9th of November release date for the Milestone — a week today. The Milestone reportedly costs €404.20 before tax, which AndroidPit rounds up to 481 after adding 20% for VAT. This works out at about £430 in UK money, but this doesn’t take into account network subsidies.

We contacted O2 and it told us that it has no current plans to sell in the UK but we think it will and soon. The Motorola Milestone features a 3.7-inch touchscreen, full Qwerty keyboard and a 5-megapixel camera. The Milestone can also be paired with a neat docking station which turns it into a picture frame, alarm clock and media player, allowing you to watch movies and play music. We reckon that a Motorola Milestone with a docking station plus a Spotify Premium account could be quite the party piece.

Update: We’ve just seen on the Motorola Western Europe site that the Motorola Milestone may not feature Google Maps in the UK. The Milestone page says that the phone ships with both Google Maps and Motorola’s own Motonav software, but also states that this is a network dependent feature, which is not available in all areas. The page also reveals that the official name of the aforementioned docking station is the ‘Milestone multimedia station’.


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